Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting around Thailand: Local Transportation

Going to places in Thailand can be done at ease since there is a number of transportation to accompany you. You can find buses and taxi anywhere, but why not try out the unique local transportation of Thailand?

A Songtaew (สองแถว), literally means “two rows,” is a transformed pick-up truck with a row of bench seats on the sides of the back. Sometimes there is an additional seat in between where you have to sit backward.

Songtaew, Thailand TransportaionSome travel destinations have Songtaews operated as local buses and they seem to be the most economical way to travel in a short distance. Before taking a ride, see if there is anyone in the back and check the price. If there is no one in the back to share the ride, chances that you might be over-charged.

Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk, name derived from the sound of the vehicle's engine, is a small and lightweight vehicles mostly come with three wheels.

Tuk TukIt is another unique way to travel in a short distance. As the vehicles are partially based on motorcycle parts like steering, front suspension, and driver seat, you will experience the riding almost like riding on a motorbike, while the only difference is that it has a roof.

Motorcycles are the most common transportation found anywhere in Asia and widely used as taxis. Although fares can start from as low as 10 THB, it is wise to check the price with the driver and try a bit of negotiation, or you may have to pay higher than you expect.

Motorbike, Motor cyclesIf you feel like to add some excitement to your trip, why not rent a motorbike and explore the cities in Thailand by yourself. Prices are vary due to destination and model type. Legally you must have a valid driver license to rent a motorcycle in Thailand, but many places will rent to you without acquiring the license. The rental shop might ask you to leave a photography of passport or even the passport itself. Don't do that, negotiate and leave some money instead. Ready for the ride? Grab your helmet and go!

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