Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do’s and Don’ts in Thailand - Social Customs

Thailand dos and don't
Apart from the concern of Thai monarchy and Buddhist religion, to list the don'ts of everyday Thai social behavior seems to be a bit unclear as western culture has spread all over the country, especially in Bangkok. On the contrary, those western customs that are acceptable in Bangkok might not be suitable for the countryside where ancient traditions are held with high respect and strongly adhered to people's mind. Below are some common examples of dos and don'ts in Thailand.

  1. Instead of shaking hands, Thais usually “wai” to greet each other. Wai can be done by pressing palms together in a prayer-like gesture with a little head bending when saying “sawasdee” (hello). It's a social custom for young people to wai older people, who will then give a wai in return.
  2. Use your foot to point things, and even a person, is considered rude. Head is regarded as the most respectable position because it is the highest part of the body. So, Thais do not allow to let anyone touch their head, even in a friendly gesture.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand

Visit Thailand
Winter time is approaching the northern hemisphere and if you are planning to take a getaway to somewhere warmer with great retreats varied from beachside to mountaintops, we have 10 reasons why you should visit Thailand.

1. It's cheaper than ever to travel to Thailand now!
After Thailand's political unrest in the early of 2010, the country is trying to recover its economic strength by boosting domestic tourism. It means prices for accommodations and travel services are lower and better than in order to promote its safe situation and encourage people to visit.

2. You can get a luxurious trip at budget in Thailand.
Whether you are traveling to Thailand for a romantic escape, adventure trip, or spa experience, Thailand has it all for you at incredible and affordable price. Your currency can go a long way in Thailand and that makes luxury come at a great discount.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Getting around Thailand: Local Transportation

Going to places in Thailand can be done at ease since there is a number of transportation to accompany you. You can find buses and taxi anywhere, but why not try out the unique local transportation of Thailand?

A Songtaew (สองแถว), literally means “two rows,” is a transformed pick-up truck with a row of bench seats on the sides of the back. Sometimes there is an additional seat in between where you have to sit backward.

Songtaew, Thailand TransportaionSome travel destinations have Songtaews operated as local buses and they seem to be the most economical way to travel in a short distance. Before taking a ride, see if there is anyone in the back and check the price. If there is no one in the back to share the ride, chances that you might be over-charged.

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