Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Thailand

Visit Thailand
Winter time is approaching the northern hemisphere and if you are planning to take a getaway to somewhere warmer with great retreats varied from beachside to mountaintops, we have 10 reasons why you should visit Thailand.

1. It's cheaper than ever to travel to Thailand now!
After Thailand's political unrest in the early of 2010, the country is trying to recover its economic strength by boosting domestic tourism. It means prices for accommodations and travel services are lower and better than in order to promote its safe situation and encourage people to visit.

2. You can get a luxurious trip at budget in Thailand.
Whether you are traveling to Thailand for a romantic escape, adventure trip, or spa experience, Thailand has it all for you at incredible and affordable price. Your currency can go a long way in Thailand and that makes luxury come at a great discount.

3. Thai food is the best.
Thai cuisine has long known as one of the world's best gourmet dish. Travelers to Thailand will also include their taste buds in the holiday trip.

Thai Food Dishes Whether you are longing for a sweet taste of mango and sticky rice, spicy Tom Yam Goong soup, or even the finest dish, you can have all these delicious ones at pennies.

4. Thailand offers heaven-like beaches Thailand Beachand islands.
From a seclude island to a packed beach, Thailand boasts a number of white sand beaches and crystal-like water serving as a great getaway for visitors. Pack your sunglasses and one good book, your paradise on Thailand's tropical island is just at hand.

5. Thailand is a diver's paradise.
Thailand is home to a great variety of marine life including the rare Dugong (sea cow), a number of tropical aquatic animals, and colorful coral reef. Many of beautiful diving destinations are located in Southern region of Thailand especially on Andaman coast, boasting splendid clear blue sea and wonderful underwater world.

6. Thailand has wonderful culture.
The saying “The Land of Smile” sure stands for something. Thais are known as a friendly and patient, possessing a great deal of positive attitude. They try to see the positive parts of life and live their life the fullest. Thai people usually say ‘Mai Pen Rai’ (That’s OK) and smile in an effort to sidestep confrontations and lessen the heat of arguments.

7. Thailand provides a number of activities.
Whether you are looking for a great adventure activity like trekking, rock climbing, kayaking and riding on an elephant or a family trip where you can join the fun with the young ones like theme parks or arcades, they are all available in Thailand.

8. Thailand is a shopping paradise.

thailand shopping, thailand night marketHave your silk suit made or shop for a huge wooden furniture? You can find absolutely anything in Thailand. While high-end shopping malls are available in mostly in big capital cities like Bangkok, Phuket, or Chiang Mai, many of local markets like Chatuchak weekend market in Bangkok or Sunday Walking Street in Chiang Mai also offer a wide range of local products at minimal price.

9. Getting around the country is easy and extended.
Feeling nervous as it is your first time in Thailand? Don't worry, Thailand is easy to get around as the transportation is convenient and extended. Apart from the comfortable ride of airplane, train, and buses, Tuk Tuk and Songtaew are ones of the unique vehicles that you will get to try especially for a short distance trip.

10. It's a travel hub and can easily hop off to other destinations.
Thailand acts as a great jumping-off base for most of the countries in Asia since it is only a small step away from its neighbors such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia. Visitors to Thailand will also find it much easy and cheap to fly to other countries like India, Nepal, and China as of the extensive flights from low cost airlines.

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