Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thailand Weather: When is the Best Time to Travel to Thailand

Thailand WeatherThe tropical weather of Thailand is one of the reasons drawing a number of visitors to the country. With the average temperature between 28-35°C (82-95°F) through out the year, the weather tends to be hot and humid to others especially those coming from the West. Despite the joke saying that there's three seasons in Thailand; hot, hotter, and the hottest, the careful observer will find that the country is actually possesses three seasons;

Winter: Starts from November and lasts until the end of February. While the temperature will be at the lowest, you can barely feel the coldness and might only need a light sweater: Unless you are going to be up in the mountain ranges of Northern Thailand where the temperature can fall as low as 5°C, then you probably need a thick jacket and a scarf. Winter is the most popular time to visit the country. You will find it quite difficult to get a flight and accommodation or they can be very expensive especially during festive time like Christmas and New Year's.

Summer: Summer time in Thailand is during March to June. the weather can be as high as 40°C (104°F). It is perfect for a trip to the south where white sand beach and crystal turquoise sea blend into the color of blue sky. Taking a trip to visit temples in Bangkok might not be a good idea during the hot season due to the high temperature that can possibly make you faint.

Travel to ThailandRainy: From July to October is time for rainy season when tropical monsoon hits most parts of the country. However, chances for flooding and non-stop raining are found uncommon. Visitors can seek an escape for a beach trip to the south-east coast of Thailand where the famous Koh Samui and Koh Phangan located since it has the rain reversed.

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