Thursday, September 23, 2010

What to Pack to Thailand – Tips for First-time Visitors

Packing your bag for a trip to Thailand can sometimes be frustrated. However, as Thailand is a tropical country and things are in a minimal price to buy, you can bring as little as possible and leave the others for a shopping spree in the country.

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Documents and Money

Money belt or hidden wallet to hang around your neck are one of the good option to protect your money from pickpockets.

It's always wise to make copies of travel documents, travelers checks, etc., and carry them separately in different back in case of emergency like losing your bag.

Also, bring some passport photos as you might need it when it's time to continue visas.

Blood donor/type card and medication prescriptions are essential for your health concern while traveling abroad.

Medium sized suitcase, one medium-sized shoulder bag, duffel bag or backpack should do. Keep in mind that you will find a number of cheap goods when shopping in Thailand and you might find yourself with a bunch of bags by the end of your trip.

Light weight and natural fabric such as cotton is much suitable for the humidity of Thailand as it breaths better and quickly dry. Laundry at hotel is generally cheap and coin laundry machines are widely available.

Be noted that shorts are not always an appropriate way of dressing, and bared shoulder tops are considered improper for women when visiting temples. Because most of temples and palaces only allow visitors with long pants and long wearing. A shirt with a collar like polo/golf cotton knit shirts is considered more polite. A proper and comfortable wearing will not only protect you from heat, but also show that you pay respect to the place.

Bring a hat or buy one upon arrival. Baseball cap or a full brim one is even better to protect you from the sunburn. Though you can find most of the things in Thailand, larger size shoes don't seem to be easy to find. Bringing your comfortable shoes from home for extended walking is a witty solution. Sandals are another recommendation since they are easy to remove before entering a Thai home or temples.

Soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and other toiletries are easy to find anywhere in Thailand.

In your toiletries bag, put sun screen and mosquito repellent. It is advised to all visitors to take precautions against vectorial spread diseases such as dengue fever.

Lip balm and lotion also come in handy especially when taking a trip to the North of Thailand in winter time.

Also, zip lock bags are very useful to keep things from getting wet, especially when traveling in the wet season or on boats.

Other accessories
Take enough padlocks for every double zipper to stop wandering hands and lock up your sacred belongings, even in your hotel room.

Most people find sunglasses as a must for their trip as Thailand is known to be hot and humid. However, you can buy them at a cheap price in Bangkok and provincial capitals.

A small flashlight helps making it easier to find your way back to your bungalow at night particularly when you are staying at somewhere with limited electricity access.

Ear plugs always come in useful when you want to take a rest under noisy nights.

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