Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thailand Travel/Vacations

Thailand BeachThailand is renowned for its abundant natural resources and has long known as a Suwannabhumi, a golden land where its natural fertility is as precious as gold.

Thailand, the land of smile, is blessed with pure nature, beautiful attractions, and warm-hearted hospitality. Visitors to Thailand will find it delighted to travel around the country in any seasons. Starting from November to February, it is the best time for everyone to enjoy Thailand's cool season with its minimum humidity and low temperature compared to other period of time. This tranquil weather draws a number of travellers to Thailand's top destinations especially beach and islands.

Thailand Floating Market

To get to know Thailand better, let's start with the country's capital, Bangkok. Bangkok is a main hub especially for economic part making it a very busy city where one could never got bored of it. Northern part of Thailand has Chiang Mai as its center where vibrant cultural activities are offered to all-aged visitors including cooking class, language lesson, and adventure experiences. One will also find thrilling trekking up to the peaks of Mae Hong Son where villages of hill tribes scatter around the mountain ranges. For those who enjoy being under the sun and lying on the beach would love spending their time in Koh Tao and Pho Phi Phi Don of southern Thailand which offer not only stunning beaches, but also a greenery view of palms and limestone island.

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