Friday, November 26, 2010

Thailand Vacation - Phu Chi Fa

If you are looking for a fascinating place to experience the wonderful sunrise, Phu Chi Fa or the mountain pointing to the sky is considered as a worth visiting natural site located in Chiang Rai Province.

In order to grab such an awesome experience from this beautiful natural site, you will have to get up pretty early. Additionally, not far from Phu Chi Fa, there is a campsite available where you can stay overnight. However, if you want to make yourself a little more convenient, accommodation in Ban Rom is another option in which you can spend a night.

The climbing to Phu Chi Fa is quite steep, but if you reach the viewing at the top of the mountain, you will surely find that it is really worth climbing up there as the sunrises is incredibly wonderful and the valley is covered in a sea of clouds early in the morning. Also, you will perceive the remarkable views over the Mekong River and deep into Laos.

Phu Chi Fa is situated approximately 875 km away from Chiang Rai town. It is recommended that you either join an organized tour that will arrange the transportation for you or catch a bus from Chiang Rai and stay overnight at the campsite or in one of the villages nearby.

You will never feel disappointed if you choose to visit Phu Chi Fa, but instead of having a sense of disappointment, you will have an unforgettable memory back home since this natural site is incredibly breathtaking!

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