Sunday, November 28, 2010

5 December: Long Live His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Thailand has beloved king “Bhumibol Aduyadej” that all of Thai people give the highest respect. Thai people regard him as the father of the nation whom they love the most. If you take a sight-seeing in Thailand, both around the cities and rural areas, the things that you would see very often are the pictures of the king Bhumibol. Father of the nation, king Bhumipol, is always be in Thai people’s hearts.

King Bhumibol
Every year on 5 December is set as the King's Birthday or Father's Day. The birthday of the monarch of Thailand, king Bhumibol, is also a national holiday and is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. The event is used by the loyal people of Thailand to express their reverence for their King.

On the Father’s day, Thai people often decorate their home with flags and candle-lights. As well as the capital Bangkok, especially Grand Palace and Ratchadamnoen Avenue areas, are full with beautiful flower and blossom. Most of the cities are shaded with a yellow which is a symbolic color of Thai’s king Bhumibol. Thai people also give Canna, a masculine flower, to fathers and grandfathers in showing their love and respect.

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