Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Taking a Trip to Mountain of Chiang Mai for Winter Time

From November onwards to February, it's when the cooling breeze of the Northern region of Thailand draw a great flock of tourists to take a trip to mountain and observe the beauty of nature. Some of the most popular destinations in Chiang Mai to visit during winter season include Doi Inthanon, Doi Ang Khang, Huay Nam Dang and Doi Luang Chiang Dao.

However, there are some other less traveled paths yet a promisingly striking view for those who prefer to be in somewhere peaceful and less hastened during New Year celebrations. Find the lists of low-key winter destinations of Chiang Mai here.

Doi Mae Taman
Doi Mae Taman is located in Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai serving as the best observation spot for Doi Luang Chiang Dao and a sea of fog in the early morning.

Doi Mae Taman - Chiang Mai
Apart from the beautiful mountain ranges scenery, visitors to Doi Mae Taman will also enjoy the sight of pink cherry blossom trees that stand along the road up to the mountain. To make a visit, please contact Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University 10 days ahead of time through the following number: +66 (0)53 222 014, +66 (0)53 944 052

Doi Mon Jaem
Only 40 minutes away from Chiang mai city center, visitors will be amazed by the serene nature and a sea of fog drifting along mountain ranges. Doi Mon Jaem is a part of Nhong Hoi Royal Project where a number of winter herbal, vegetable, flowers, and fruits are grown.

Doi Mon Jaem - Chiang Mai
The place is rather quiet and suited for everyone especially those who want to get away from city life with only a short hop and still need convenience for the trip.

Doi Mon Jong
Located in Om Koi, Chiang Mai, the mountain is ranked as one of the top 5 highest mountain of northern Thailand. Doi Mon Jong is home to rare Rhododendron which can only be found here and in Doi Inthanon, and it is also the only place to observe Goral, a very unique and one of the fifteen reserved animals of Thailand.

Doi Mon Jong - Chiang Mai
Apart from a rough road, you need to walk for about 5 kilometers to the top of the mountain and spend a night on a plateau -- making the trip an exciting route for all trekkers.

If you have not decided where to celebrate the coming of New Year wit your special ones, why not consider somewhere peaceful and close to nature like mountains in Chiang Mai.

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